24 Truffle Gift Box


Open a Truffle Gift Box featuring 24 fresh, regional and award winning truffles by Evolve Chocolate.
Assorted truffles from Evolve’s four signature collections.

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Liqueur Collection

Melange-Elderflower liqueur

An earthy blend of organic elderflower liqueur, creaminess of 85% organic ganache with a crunch of elderberry and 38% fair trade white chocolate.

Harvest-Apple pie moonshine

Autumn has come to you with this 85% organic chocolate ganache layered with locally grown apples, the warmth of local apple moonshine and a touch of cinnamon spice.

Velvet Saloon-Bourbon orange

The smoothness of local bourbon blended into a rich 85% organic chocolate, fresh orange zest highlighting the perfect pairing.

Risque-Tequila chipotle

Local Tequila and chipotle peppers nestled in a 38% fair trade white chocolate ganache, with a bright splash of orange, enrobed in an 85% organic chocolate.

Madame-Framboise ginger

The sultry dance of fresh ginger fused with local raspberry liqueur, captivated by the creaminess of 85% organic chocolate.

Floral Collection

Lavender Love-Lavender lemon

A fresh breeze of local lavender blossoms, organic lemon swirled together in a 38% fair trade white chocolate, garnished with an edible lavender bud.

Solstice-Guava rose

The perfect balance between exotic guava and aromatic Bulgarian rose water emerged in a 38% fair trade white chocolate ganache and encapsulated in 85% organic chocolate.

Mint Meditation-Moroccan mint lemongrass

The delicate embrace of Moroccan mint and lemongrass immersed in 85% organic chocolate ganache, leaving your palate refreshed.

Antique Rose-Bulgarian rose water

Bulgarian rose water blended in creamy 45% organic chocolate, enveloping the sweetness of 38% fair trade white chocolate.

Violette Passion-Violet hibiscus passionfruit

Sophisticated layers of violet, passion fruit & hibiscus melded into a ganache of fair trade white chocolate, hand dipped in an 85% organic chocolate, adorned with an edible violet petal.

Pacific Northwest Collection

Kafe Kirsch-Cherry coffee hazelnut

Bellingham Bay Coffee Roasters, PNW cherries, nuttiness of Holmquist hazelnuts, bringing it all together with 85% organic chocolate.

Cardamom Blue-Blueberry cardamom

Simmering blend of fresh cardamom seeds, organic Bow Hill Blueberries, fresh Twin Brook cream and 85% organic chocolate.

Salted Nut-Peanut & smoked sea salt

85% organic chocolate blended with fresh ground organic peanuts highlighted with Salt Works sea salt smoked with apple wood.

The Colombian-Coffee blackberry maple

The aromatic of Bellingham Bay Coffee Roasters, Whatcom County blackberries, sweetened with pure maple, 85% organic chocolate ganache, brought together with a blend of ground coffee and raw cacao powder.

Alder Wood Forest-Smoked sea salt

Hand harvested Salt Works sea salt smoked with alder wood, paired with 45% organic chocolate and fresh Twin Brook cream, leading to caramel undertones.

Spice Collection

Banana Mole’-Roasted banana chile

Sweet meets savory roasted banana, fresh pasilla, serrano, poblano chilies, garlic and spices, in a 85% organic chocolate.

Jolokia-Ghost pepper lime

The sensual pairing of ghost pepper and lime zest, enrobed with an 85% organic chocolate.

Kashmir-Curry turmeric fennel

Life in a truffle with aromatics of curry, turmeric and fennel in a creamy 45% organic chocolate.

Indu-Peppercorn chai

Chai Spice and ginger, smoothly blended into a ganache of 85% organic chocolate.

Coco Wasabi (df)-Wasabi star anise

Fresh wasabi steeped in organic coconut milk balanced with star anise, melded in an 85% organic chocolate, garnished with tri colored sesame seeds.